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Moving beyond music and into fashion, Keung To is debuting his own clothing label ‘TO ZERO’. The brand reflects his creative philosophy of ‘letting the work speak for itself’, where he seeks to craft fashion collections to address various issues of life and convey inspiring messages.


TO ZERO incorporates Keung To’s name ‘TO’ and signifies the concept of ‘revisiting simplicity’.


Zero is the origination.

Zero is the destination.


Revisiting simplicity refers to the brand’s unconventional model of launching collections in a descending sequence – beginning from collection #99 and counting down to #00. The story of TO ZERO comes to a full circle once the collection numbers down to zero, marking the completion of an infinitely captivating and engaging journey.


A distinctive statement in the realm of fashion, TO ZERO’s approach of unveiling collections in a decreasing order embodies the brand’s philosophy of ‘subtraction’ towards life – making every second count and treasuring each moment as we pursue the things that matter most, with no regrets.


TO ZERO will feature a series of 99 fashion collections, representing Keung To’s list of 99 things to achieve in life. Every collection showcases a different theme - sparking diverse patterns, messages and design elements.


At the same time, each TO ZERO collection will be extended to include clothing items for children, echoing the brand’s ‘philosophy of ‘revisiting simplicity’ while bringing out the message of finding joy in the little things.  


Something more than a clothing brand.


Entitled #99 ‘TO BE KIND TO SOMEONE IN NEED’, the brand’s first collection takes a leaf from Keung To’s list of 99 things to achieve in life. Every TO ZERO collection will also feature an exclusive item designated for charity, with net proceeds after costs to be donated to various charitable organisations supporting people in need.